‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 3 Battle Of The Block Goes As Planned In ‘BB17’ House

Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal the Week 3 Battle of the Block went as planned. The BB17 house held the competition on Friday night (July 10), giving the eviction nominees a chance to get off the block. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Austin Matelson nominated Jason Roy and Meg Maley for eviction, while Vanessa Rousso went with James Huling and John McGuire as her nominees. The plan was for John to throw the competition, leaving Vanessa as the HOH, with James and John as the remaining nominees. A report from Big Brother Network confirms it went exactly like they planned and Vanessa is in charge of the BB17 house.

The live feeds show that Austin and Vanessa are ecstatic that everything went according to their plan. The kicker was that James performed so terribly in the BOTB, that the HOHs were almost convinced that he was throwing it on purpose. This made it very easy for John to throw the competition, much like how he threw the one last week when Da’Vonne Rogers was his parter. He needs to be careful, though, or he is going to get a bad reputation in the BB17 house.

Additional Big Brother 17 spoilers from Friday night include Austin and Vanessa continuing to plan on how the rest of the week is going to work. While Vanessa has all the power as the sole Head of Household, she seems very open to continuing her work with Austin. This is much different than when Shelli Poole did her best to take control away from Becky Burgess during Week 2 of the show. That might come back to hurt Shelli a bit later in the game.

Moving forward, James Huling is still the target for eviction, and he may not completely realize what’s going on. Outside of his good game play during the first week of this season, he hasn’t been doing much in the house. Winning the first HOH competition may have been a bad thing for his personal game, because during the second week he almost appeared lazy in the house. It hasn’t changed and he may need to win the Week 3 Veto to keep from becoming the third houseguest voted out of this season. The revelation of him being a target should be shown by CBS on Sunday’s episode (July 12).

There are likely to be more Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out on Saturday (July 11), when the house heads in for the Week 3 Veto competition. If John ends up winning the Veto and taking himself down, Vanessa already has a plan to nominate Jeff Weldon in his place.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]