‘The Walking Dead’ Cast On Conan, Plus Why Lauren Cohan Was Absent From Comic Con [Video]

For those fans that couldn’t attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con, watching Conan on Friday night was the next best thing. The Walking Dead cast members, Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon), Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) took to the Conan show after their Comic Con Q&A panel earlier in the day.

Conan is taping several of this week’s episodes direct from San Diego Comic Con, the first time a talk show has been broadcast from the event. Originally, Walking Dead cast member, Lauren Cohan, was also expected to appear but she was absent from the show as well as Comic Con (she was visiting family), having sent a text during the Q&A panel to Greg Nicotero, which Steven Yeun read out on her insistence.

“Thanks so much for reading this note out loud… now can you please pass it to Steven to read. [The phone is passed to Steven.] I miss not being there with you all… everyone in here is who makes this show… we thank you and love you so much. I hope you all have a freaking incredible weekend. Can you say something funny at the end?”

According to MTV, nothing funny was said.

While on Conan, the Walking Dead cast discussed the following:

  • How much fun San Diego Comic Con is and how intense the Walking Dead fan base is. Norman Reedus told how Steven Yeun and himself donned masks at last year’s Comic Con and took to the floor. However, they were quickly discovered, Steven putting it down to the fact they wore full costumes along with the masks.
  • Michonne pointed out Comic Con was the chance for the cast of The Walking Dead to come face to face with the result of their hard work on set. She also gave a special shout out to one of The Walking Dead super fans after receiving a Walking Dead themed clutch from her.
  • Norman Reedus discussed having to eat a sandwich in a plane bathroom after catching everyone one around him trying to record him eating lunch.
  • Danai also talked about her experiences with fans and planes, although she has some fans that turn up every time she flies to greet her as she alights.
  • The age of some Walking Dead fans is touched on, considering how many young kids are allowed to watch The Walking Dead and greet the cast at Comic Con.
  • Steven discusses urinal etiquette and how Walking Dead fans shouldn’t touch him while he pees.

As yet, the video has not been uploaded to the Team Coco YouTube account, but you can watch the segment in which Conan explains why Michonne is the most bada** character on the Walking Dead TV series. You can watch all the segments on Conan O’Brien’s website.

Did you watch The Walking Dead cast on Conan, or did you attend the Q&A panel at San Diego Comic Con instead? Let us know by commenting below.

[Image credit: Conan / TBS screen capture]