Kelsey Poe Finds Love In Paris, ‘The Bachelor’ Chris Soules A Distant Memory

Remember Kelsey Poe from Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor? If you are secretly hoping the woman dubbed “The Black Widow” by her castmates will show up on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, your dreams are about to be dashed.

Kelsey tells Radar Online that she is in love with a man named Mickael, who she met before she became a contestant on the Bachelor. Now living in Paris, Poe reveals that this is her “first real relationship” since her husband, Sanderson Poe, died in 2013.

“I’m experiencing the bittersweetness of finding love again. I met Mickael last summer, in le parc des Buttes Chaumont in Paris, and we have stayed in touch over the ensuing months.”

She goes on to say that she wasn’t ready to date when she first met Mickael because she was “focused on being on the Bachelor” and wanted to see “where that road led.”

Unfortunately, the road to the Bachelor didn’t lead in a great direction for Kelsey. Fans will remember that the death of her husband, Sanderson, was a big part of Kelsey’s storyline. Many viewers lashed out at her on Twitter after she had a heart-to-heart with Chris Soules about her husband’s death, a story she called “amazing.”

After the episode aired, Bachelor host Chris Harrison weighed in on the Kelsey controversy, writing in his blog that Kelsey became “very insecure” when Bachelor Chris Soules revealed to the other contestants that she shared her husband’s “amazing” death story with him in his hotel room.

This led to a panic attack, staged or otherwise, and then to her dramatic exit where she had a rather tense face-off with Ashley Iaconetti. The drama made Kelsey one of the most talked-about contestants on the show, but it looks like she has moved on — at least in the love department.

Kelsey tells Radar that her new boyfriend is “an incredible person” and she is “in love and very happy.”

“He’s smart, comes from a great family, musically gifted, funny, and super sexy. I’m in love and very happy. I fall more in love with him each day because of his strength in character and genuineness.”

It looks like Kelsey has met her match.

As far as the reputation she earned during her time on the Bachelor, Kelsey explains that her boyfriend knows that she was not “portrayed accurately or respectfully” on ABC’s popular reality show — something recent Bachelorette stars Ian Thomson and Josh Seiter would probably agree with wholeheartedly.

[Image: Kelsey Poe/Facebook]