Why Donald Trump Is Gaining Followers Every Day, And Who They Likely Hate

Some people thought it was a joke when they heard Donald Trump had put in a candidacy bid for the U.S. presidency, but they may not be laughing now. Mr. Trump has a following that is gaining momentum daily, and the reasons are pretty clear: he represents a part of the Republican party that other candidates have never been able to reach.

The relative success of Donald Trump among Republican primary voters is a microcosm of the challenge facing the Republican Party. For many years, Republicans have succeeded by focusing their attention primarily on issues that appeal to conservative white voters. This strategy continues to be quite effective at the state and local levels in some areas, depending on the cultural norms and ethnicities, but with each passing year, as the nation becomes more racially, ethically, religiously, and culturally diverse, it becomes less effective at the national level. In time, it will be less effective at the state level too as all areas of the country are blended to be not-so-white and not-so-conservative. So how does Donald Trump play this card? Without much difficulty — he appeals to those intolerant of immigration.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is one of the Republican leaders to address what many people have been afraid to say — Donald Trump is surging among Republicans in polls now because he is appealing to that intolerance that exists within the Republican Party.

“…there is a ‘dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party.’ What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.”

Of course, Donald Trump hinted last year that he thought that Barack Obama was an immigrant and not truly eligible for the presidency, despite proof that this was not the case. So, out of the roughly twenty five million “Obama Haters” in the U.S., they are likely to back Trump and his political views. There are many reasons that people dislike immigration, some of them may be valid in some instances, and some are definitely not. The claims that immigrants commit more crimes than the U.S. born are blatantly untrue, and in actuality, Obama has been responsible for so many deportations of illegal immigrants that he has been labeled the “deporter in chief” by the largest Latino Advocacy Group in the U.S.

It’s highly likely that Trump’s following is following him based on fallacies. That’s not to say that Trump has no adequate capabilities to be president, but the reasons he’s being vetted thus far are not the right ones for the well-being of a culturally diverse, peaceful U.S. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump running for president?

[image by People]