‘Orphan Black’ Cast Take To The Stage At San Diego Comic Con 2015 [Video]

The cast of BBC America’s Orphan Black appeared to have a blast at San Diego Comic Con today. Besides answering a swath of questions during their Q&A panel, there was also time for some great Orphan Black videos to be previewed.

WARNING: Spoilers for Orphan Black abound in this article. If you have not watched up to the Season 3 finale, then turn away now!

The Orphan Black line up for this year’s San Diego Comic Con was: Tatiana Maslany (Sarah and the Leda clones), Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S), Dylan Bruce (Paul), Kristian Bruun (Donnie), and Ari Millen (Mark and the Castor clones) and co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson. Each year the cast and crew attend Comic Con, they are amazed at the response. Although, the very first year, Tatiana nearly cried going onto stage, she told Entertainment Weekly.

“When the three of us walked out to the NerdHQ panel the first time, I think all three of us were trying not to cry because it was so amazing being in a room with two hundred people that watched the show and loved it, it was crazy.”

The cast also confirmed to EW that Paul really is dead and will not be returning in Season 4 of Orphan Black. As well as Paul’s fate, the question of Delphine’s (Evelyne Brochu) fate was also raised. John Fawcett confirmed that Delphine is just as dead as Paul. “Nobody’s safe on the show, but she’s Orphan Black dead,” the Hollywood Reporter confirms.

The Orphan Black panel was hosted by Retta (from Parks and Recreation) and when she mentioned the fact that Orphan Black is such an LGBT-friendly show, Graeme Manson lamented the fact that characters’ sexuality is still pointed out.

“We really decided we wanted to explore sexuality — it works with all the themes of cloning. But very purposely, we didn’t want to put anyone’s sexuality at the forefront. Television is getting much better at sexual representation — we should be beyond asking or caring. I think maybe that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Now, for the videos! While none of the following videos were Season 4 trailers, there was plenty of Orphan Black awesomeness for fans to sink their teeth into.

The first Orphan Black video is a bloopers reel and shows Tatiana Maslany along with other cast members laughing, fluffing their lines and ad lib in a hilarious manner.

The next lot of Orphan Black videos were premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2015 and are mock up trailers for Orphan Black featuring everyone’s favorite couple, Alison (one of the clones portrayed by Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie Hendrix.

The final video is not actually from the Orphan Black Comic Con panel but from Yahoo TV’s Comic-Con studio. Yahoo asked Jordan Gavaris, Kristian Bruun, Ari Millen, Dylan Bruce, and Maria Doyle Kennedy to do an impersonation of their favorite Leda clone by donning one of the many wigs provided. The results are hilarious.

Along with today’s Q&A panel, there will be another Orphan Black event on Saturday, July 11. You can find out the full details here.

Orphan Black Season 4 will premiere on BBC America in May of 2016.

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[Image credit: Orphan Black Twitter Account]