Scott Walker To Launch His Presidential Campaign Monday

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is going to join the long list of Republican candidates when he announces his bid for the White House on Monday. Walker has been expected to announce his run for president for some time. Governor Walker has enjoyed an early lead in the Iowa Republican caucus. In most Iowa caucus polls, Walker is still one of the top Republican picks.

“Since taking office, Governor Walker has bucked the status quo in Wisconsin. His bold, common-sense reforms are about empowering taxpayers and putting them in control. Giving Wisconsinites the freedom to control their own lives creates prosperity for our people, as well as our state,”

As the Journal Sentinel noted, the Governor’s campaign is going to be launched in one of the best performing counties for the GOP in the country. Instead of launching his campaign in his home county of Milwaukee, Walker will launch his campaign from Waukesha county.

Most believe the reason the Walker campaign is starting in Waukesha county rather than Milwaukee is simply because of the political differences. Milwaukee is a fairly blue county while Waukesha county is a Republican politician’s dream. However, the Walker campaign said for people not to read too far into it and that the decision was at least partially based on logistics.

Walker is expected to be a big player in the presidential race. His recall election for governor of Wisconsin and early polling show clearly that the man is well-liked. However, others in his party are doing better in the national polls.

Several polls have been conducted recently that show Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are the two Republican players that are polling the best. In most of the polls, Trump is at somewhere around 15 percent while Bush is at about 11 percent. The race, however, has hardly just begun. There’s definitely time for another candidate to rise through the polls.

Since Walker’s job is still Governor of Wisconsin, some people are criticizing him for spending his time on the campaign trail. As CNN reported, the Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca said Governor Walker isn’t spending enough time in his state.

“You just add up the time he’s been away over the course of the past couple of months, on trade deals, not even to mention his political visits. I bet you he’s been in 15-20 states in the last month alone,”

Walker has even taken heat, related to separate issues, from those in his own party. Karl Rove — among other conservatives — have criticized the Governor for his question dodging earlier this year.

Scott Walker’s race was accidentally announced early through his Twitter account. The tweet was promptly deleted and spokeswoman AshLee Strong waited for Walker’s announcement on Monday. Strong also gave us a specific time for the Governor’s announcement, which is 5 p.m. CT.

[Photo by Theo Stroomer / Getty Images]