Watch Justin Bieber Get Adorably Woozy On Anesthesia Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

Ever wondered what Justin Bieber looks like under dental anesthesia only minutes before falling down the medically induced rabbit hole known as wisdom teeth removal?

Well, wonder no more. After a small break from Snapchat, Justin Bieber returned full force on Friday (July 10). The heartthrob posted videos of himself receiving drugs and getting a massage in a dentist’s chair — which his off-camera pals recorded — while being prepped for the extractions and cavity repairs.

We’ve all been through there. Wisdom tooth malarkey is a rite-of-passage. But the drugs do work and they do help — as the Biebs’ adorable, increasingly woozy Snapchats videos ably revealed.

Justin Bieber fans will recall the singer starred in a parody of the “David After Dentist” viral video for a Funny Or Die episode back in 2010, in which he pretended that he was out of it.

Fast forward to yesterday, the “Where Are U Now” singer didn’t have to do any acting. The Biebs soared away with the fairies as the dental drugs gradually took effect.

Check out the hilarious, sequential videos below.

Justin Bieber Via SnapChat (SnapChat: RickTheSizzler)

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In the first video showing a beanie-clad Justin in what sounds like a bustling dentist room, one of the friend’s filming him asks, “What you got going on, JB?”

To which, an already dosing Biebs smiles broadly, before replying, “I’m about to go under. They’re giving me drugs. Probably going to feel it.”

Justin Bieber Via SnapChat (SnapChat: RickTheSizzler)

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In the clip above, the cute crooner explains, “I’m getting my wisdom teeth out. Um, I think they’re doing a few fillings ’cause I got some cavities.”

Justin Bieber Via SnapChat (SnapChat: RickTheSizzler)

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There’s no denying Justin is flying on a mythical Griffin in the video above. Smiling goofily, the Biebs appears to be telling his buddy about a possible previous dental experience, or not.

The singer is seen musing, “I mean, it’s in — it’s in a different kind of way a little bit, but I felt this before.”

Justin Bieber Via SnapChat (SnapChat: RickTheSizzler)

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It’s possible Justin was saying some (to use the kids’ parlance) problematic things at this point.

There’s no sound in the clip above. The star was now clearly in the anesthesia’s thrall.

Justin Bieber Via SnapChat (SnapChat: RickTheSizzler)

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“What was I thinking about?” asks a thoroughly confused but still smiling Justin in the final reveal.

“Did you get it?” he asks the camera operator as another pal laughs in the background.

The videographer is heard asking the singer, “You were telling us about the drugs you’re taking.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The hitmaker spent time at the Beverly Hills Montage hotel after his dental surgery on Friday)

The actual extraction procedure wasn’t filmed. and no footage of Justin post-surgery has since surfaced.

However, eyewitnesses did spot Justin (wearing a wrist bandage) and his crew relaxing at the Beverly Hills Montage hotel hours after the dental procedure.

One onlooker — a fan’s mother — reportedly tweeted that the Biebs politely asked those who approached him not to take snaps. She added that asked how he was feeling, Justin replied, “It really hurts, I think I’m supposed to ice it.”

For his part, Justin briefly took to Twitter early Saturday to tell the world, “Got the wisdom teeth pulled. No fun. Glad it’s over. Going back to sleep. Goodnight.”

Given that his mutually managed pal, Ariana Grande, had her wisdom teeth removed days before fatefully wandering into a donut shop, the Canadian’s decision to hole up in bed is definitely for the best.

However, hours later Justin posted an Instagram photo of himself with his “nurse,” who he thanked for “watching out for me.” He also revealed he hadn’t slept since his dental work.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin posted this pic on Saturday with the caption, '#mynurse @micahcravalho lol thanks for watching out for me GOT MY WISDOM teeth out and haven't slept!! @thehundreds where you at @richwilkersonjr')
Justin Bieber
(Photo: The Biebs out early on Saturday, rocking fashion by the urban label 'The Hundreds')

Justin Bieber fans hoping for selfies or embarrassing post-dental Snapchats took to Twitter to express either disappointment or relief.

jb is probably gonna say some problematic things when he comes out of the anesthesia, but i'm ready for it

— jordan (@biebsuschrist) July 10, 2015

Adding Justin Bieber on snapchat was one of the greatest things I've ever done

— kim (@thatsokimm) July 10, 2015

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber Snapchatted himself being given anesthesia before wisdom teeth removal procedure on July 10)

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