Samsung 11k Display: Korean Phonemaker Working On Ultra High Resolution 2250 PPI Display For Your Mobile Phone!

If you just bought one of those new flagship Android devices boasting of Quad HD resolution (2560×1440), here’s news that would make you feel you got yourself an obsolete device. Why? Because, we have reports coming in about the fact that Samsung is working with the South Korean government to manufacture a mobile phone display with a ridiculously high resolution. According to ET News, a Korean IT News portal, Samsung is working on manufacturing a mobile display that would have a resolution of 11k. You heard that right — 11k! This translates to a display resolution of 11,264 х 6336 pixels. What’s even more surprising is the fact that all this resolution would be crammed into a display size of 5.75 inches. This will also mean that this phone, if launched would boast of a PPI density of 2250 PPI! The best devices out there today can only manage a PPI density of around 500. In short, this device when launched would have four times the pixel density of an archaic Galaxy S6.

The Samsung 11k display would reportedly be able to display 3D content to users without the needed glasses. The company remains tight-lipped on what else the display would be capable of.

Now, if you are thinking if this is one of those “technologies” that would never see the light of the day, here’s one more fact that proves Samsung is dead serious about this. The Korean giant has already committed to invest 26.5 million USD for this project and plans to ship phones with the 11k display within the next five years. The first prototype is being planned in 2018 and would be showcased on the occasion of the 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympics, the report confirmed. Samsung has also given a name for the project and calls it EnDK. Apart from Samsung, 13 other companies are also involved in the project. Like already mentioned earlier, the phone with Samsung’s 11k display would also be able to play out 3D content without glasses. At this time details are scant regarding the ways in which Samsung plans to achieve this.

Samsung has a history of making products with outrageous specs. A few years ago, the company had demonstrated flexibele and curved OLED displays at several tech expos. Fast forward to 2015, we have a bunch of displays already here with curved displays. In all likelihood, by 2020, we’d be laughing at the low-end specifications of the current spec king — the Galaxy s6.

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[Image via TechRadar]