Mechanics Go Joyriding In Taco Bell Manager’s Car, Stopped By Taco Bell And It Didn’t End Well [Video]

Taco Bell manager Randy Jones dropped his Nissan 350Z off to be serviced at Raceway Nissan in Riverside, CA. Of course, most customers are well aware of the amount of time they’ll spend at the dealership. So, they opt to drop their cars off and return later to pick them up. However, Jones was in for a big surprise when his car actually showed up at the drive-thru window where he works. Apparently, two mechanics from the dealership thought it would be cool to go for a joyride in a customer’s car, but they quickly learned that was a big mistake.

According to ABC13, two mechanics at the California dealership have been terminated after being caught joyriding in a customer’s car. When the two arrived at the Taco Bell location — where Jones works — to purchase lunch, they probably never imagined running into the owner of the car but, unfortunately, they did.

Jones recently spoke with ABC7 where he recounted the series of events that took place. The 24-year-old shift manager, who reportedly works two jobs to pay for his car, explained that he dropped the car off to have his suspension checked because the car was wrecked sometime last year. But, to his surprise, one of the employees noticed his car coming at the drive thru.

Although the employee told him this, he admits that he initially did not jump to conclusions. But, when the mechanics drove the car around to the window, his suspicions were confirmed when he looked inside the vehicle. Both mechanics had on Raceway Nissan uniforms. Needless to say, he was furious. But, he also revealed the mechanics weren’t too thrilled either once they realized they’d been caught.

“Next thing you know, about four hours later, I’m at work. I’m in drive thru and one of my cashiers, she goes, ‘Randy, hey look, your car is on drive through,'” Jones said. “As I looked closer, you know, it was the gentlemen with the raceway logo on their shirts. They didn’t know what to say. They were shocked, you know, they got caught.”

According to ABC7, Jones immediately contacted the dealership to voice his frustrations over what he had just witnessed. Of course, upper management acted swiftly to resolve the issue. Jones revealed that he was offered a 20 percent discount and waived the charges for the driving test that the mechanics were supposed to be conducting. They also offered to cover the cost for his parts and labor, which totaled more than $3,000. But, at this point, Jones wanted none of the Raceway Nissan mechanics anywhere near his car. So, the dealership had it towed elsewhere and covered the full costs of the repairs.

Raceway Nissan’s management opted not to comment, but the service manager did confirm that the two unnamed mechanics had been terminated, reports ABC13. They reportedly violated the drive test policy, which only allows for a 4.8-mile test drive. Based on the distance between the Taco Bell where Jones works and the dealership, they had driven a total of seven miles. However, the dealership’s effort to resolve this issue still has made Jones feel any better. When asked if he was satisfied with the service once management intervened, he still insisted he was not.

“No, I’m not, because at the end of the day, my car, it was still vandalized,” he said. “I don’t know what those gentlemen could have done in my car.” He continued, “They broke a contract. At the end of the day, I don’t feel like they did me a favor, I think they gave me what was owed to me.”

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[Image via KTLA Screen Capture]