Kyle Hancock: Convicted Child Rapist’s Sentence Raises Eyebrows

Kyle Hancock, a child rapist convicted of attacking a 5-year-old girl, has learned firsthand how the Oklahoma justice system deals with child predators, and it’s not the outcome he wanted.

Hancock requested that the judge in his case give him a 15-year sentence, and was even willing to get castrated. He also stood up in court to tell his victims it wasn’t their fault and to have a moment of silence for them, reports News On 6.

But prosecutors didn’t buy in to it, citing that he had previously denied wrongdoing, accusing his victims of being coerced and the police of planting evidence even though his DNA was found physically inside his 5-year-old victim.

That’s a disturbing detail to report, but the news site found it a necessary one because it negates his claim of planting evidence.

Also, the little girl’s mom, Lamanda (last name withheld out of respect for the young victim), awoke to find Hancock in the process of his attack.

At that point, she leapt to her feet and attacked him, punching and kicking him until he jumped out of an open window and escaped.

Kyle Hancock later admitted his guilt and said he’d chosen the girl because she was a stranger to him and he “couldn’t put someone he knew through that.”

However, contradicting this very claim, he also said that his previous victims had been relatives and the children of family friends.

So just what sentence did he end up with? Life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Part of the reason the judge denied his request had something to do with the fact that the little girl was brave enough to take the stand and describe in detail what her 29-year-old attacker did to her.

In the investigation, it also came out that Hancock had filmed the attack on his phone.

With many stories about overly lenient judges — like this one — letting child rapists off with a light sentence, some found it unusual that a violent criminal could get life in prison with no chance of parole for a crime that did not result in death.

“Finally a judge that gave the correct sentence to that monster,” said commenter Rita Lane. “I will never understand our judicial system that lets child molesters and rapist [sic] off on light sentences.”

Most were happy with the verdict for a change, but said they would have still preferred the death penalty.

In a separate report from Opposing Views, Kyle Hancock tried to brush off the lengthy sentence, stating he would be able to get a PlayStation, TV, free college courses, free medical and dental, “so it won’t be so bad.”

Nevertheless, mom Lamanda said she was grateful for the sentence and that one day she would tell her child that she was the reason a monster would never again be allowed to “breathe fresh air.”

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[Image of Kyle Hancock via KOTV]