Kris Jenner Gives Update on Scott Split, Kourtney Blows Up

Yet another drama is brewing in the house of Kardashian, as Kourtney Kardashian is fuming at someone other than Scott Disck, the father of her children. She is furious that momager Kris Jenner has been working as a go-between, talking to Scott Disick on her behalf without her permission.

As reported earlier in the Inquisitr, instead of keeping mum, Kris Jenner is spilling the beans. Kris Jenner is dishing on topics from the Kourtney/Scott break-up to the busy lives of daughters Kendall and Kylie. The younger girls might be okay with their mother in their business, but Kourtney is putting her foot down.


Kourtney has allegedly just learned that Kris Jenner has gone behind her back and made calls to Scott Disick. According to Radar Online, Kris Jenner called Scott to mend fences, even after Kourtney explicitly stated that nobody was to reach out to him.

kris jenner

“Kris overstepped her boundaries because she felt like she could save the situation at first, but she now realizes that it is past that point.”

Kourtney is furious, but as usual, Kris Jenner is concerned about their brand and the show.

“Kris’s intentions with contacting Scott were clear,” the source tells RadarOnline.

“She knows that Scott and Kourtney’s storyline of constantly fighting for him to get help with his addiction gave the show ratings and that, without him, no one really would care about what Kourtney and the kids were up to.”

“Scott is a dramatic relief on the show and Kris has no backup plan on what to do if he is no longer on it.”


Rather than listen to Kourtney and butt out, Kris Jenner is working frantically to get Scott back on the wagon and into rehab. Currently, Jenner is the only family member still trying to get Scott back into the fold before it is too late.

Outside the family, Kris Jenner is not alone, as many of Scott’s friends have noticed that he is out of control, and they have been trying to track him down for an intervention.


“They really hope he will go back to rehab. They were set to get him in Florida but then Scott said he was going to Vegas. He’s on his own right now just partying with random people. His friends want him to come home and get his life back on track,” the source went on.

Do you think Kris Jenner can get Scott help?

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