Gmail Says They Catch 99.9 Percent Of Spam

Nothing is worse than opening your email and getting blasted by spam messages, but Gmail is now saying that they have put a stop to spam companies by catching a large majority of the spam that is sent to you by adding additional new tools to the existing spam filters. Gmail currently has less than 0.1 percent of spam email going through to your email, according to ABC News. The new tool that Gmail is adding to our email boxes — Postmaster Tools.

Gmail already has a “report spam” or “not spam” button, but now Gmail can take those cues from you and learn from what you claim is and isn’t spam. Gmail now enhances their spam catchers, and now their machines can catch even the sneakiest of spam messages trying to make their way into your inbox. Besides protecting you from spam, Gmail is also helping your messages not go to spam if you send over the average amount of emails.

Sri Harsha Somanchi, a Google product manager, said, “The Gmail Postmaster Tools help qualified high-volume senders analyze their emails, including data on delivery errors, spam reports, and reputation. This way they can diagnose any hiccups, study best practices, and help Gmail route their messages to the right place.”

For people who are sending mass emails in Gmail, the Postmaster Tool will give you access to a number of dashboards, one showing how often users report the sender’s email as spam. It will also give senders a look into their domain reputation and information about how Gmail treats the messages that are being sent to them, according to Tech Crunch.

Gmail also said that they have improved their overall phishing protection because of the new machine learning. This means emails that may seem like junk to one person won’t be sent to junk for you if you actually like reading newsletters or getting your email recipe.

Do you think that Gmail is catching more of the spam mail that is coming into your inbox or are you still getting the same junk as before. Will you take advantage of the Postmaster Tool if it is available for you to use?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images]