Elle MacPherson Stuns In A Bikini At Age 51

Former supermodel Elle MacPherson has long since left the runways behind her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pull off a stunning look in a bikini, even at age 51.

As The Daily Mail reports, the Australian has been on vacation in Europe this week, and has recently been seen around Capri, the tiny island off the coast of Italy that serves as a playground for the ultra-rich.

And when she wasn’t checking out the beautiful streets of the island, she’s been hanging out on a friend’s luxury yacht. There, she was caught sporting a skimpy burgundy bikini.

“With that tell-tale ring detail on the top we recognized this sizzling two-piece as a Melissa Odabash number — the swimwear designer Elle has turned to for many a beach break. And with her jet-setting lifestyle, you know she’s tried and tested all the bikinis!”

When not jumping off the back of a speedboat or swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, MacPherson kept the sun out of her eyes with sunglasses and a woven sun hat. So how does the 51-year-old MacPherson keep her body in bikini shape? Through daily exercise, yoga, and most importantly, the diet she champions, called the alkaline diet. The diet, which according Celebrity Fitness swears off red meat, caffeine, wheat, and alcohol, is based on the idea that eating foods high in acids can cause inflammation, aging, and weight gain. Foods high in alkaline content, such as fresh green vegetables, lentils, spices, beans, and nuts, supposedly reverse those effects. Elle swears by it.

“I noticed changes in just two weeks [on the alkaline diet]. I had more vitality, my skin wasn’t dry, I stopped craving sugar, my mood stabilized, everything became more balanced. A welcome byproduct was losing weight around my middle.”

And as for what the diet allows Elle to eat, it sounds either delicious or disgusting, depending on your point of view.

“Some of my favorite foods are spinach, beetroot, goat’s cheese, pearl barley, kale, quinoa, pine nuts, halloumi. I eat fish, but no red meat or chicken.”

Elle is also into health supplements — or at least, she’s into selling them to you. She and businesswoman Andrea Bux are partners in Superelixir, a company that makes “high-potency superior health supplements from natural whole foods.”

Say what you will about Elle MacPherson’s diet and health supplements, whatever she’s doing is working for her, as evidenced by her stunning bikini body at age 51.

[Image courtesy of: Twitter]