Kanye Style: Kim, Dirt & Bodysuit Break Internet As Kim Goes Blonde Again, Supports Kourtney Kardashian [Video]

Kanye styled Kim in a dirt pile that left some questioning whether West really wanted his wife to look so surprisingly undistinguished. Add black knee-highs plus a nude body suit and the combination appeared to be another example of the singer’s desire to express himself in unusual ways, reported People.

Created for System magazine, the styling aspect of Kim’s photo shoot involved choosing the nude bodysuit, tan-hued bustier bra, and dark socks. And say hello to the return of Kim’s blonde hair.

However, photographer Juergen Teller gets credit too for the startlingly stark photos. But for those who criticized the dirt pile choice for the fashion diva of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim’s husband has been vocal in explaining his stance.

“I would like to be influenced as much as possible. I don’t care if you can see the influence in something, as long as I made it better,” he declared.

Responses to the Kanye-styled photo shoot for Kim, especially the dirt pile, were mixed, however, reported USA Today.

Is it her worst photo shoot ever, or just the most unusual? System magazine filled its Instagram page with information urging that viewers of the dirt pile think of it as something special.

“System magazine is proud to announce the publication of an exclusive booklet presenting a portfolio of Juergen Teller’s photographs of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, taken over the spring at the Château d’Ambleville in France. The booklet, entitled Kanye, Juergen and Kim, will be on sale exclusively, and for a limited period, at IDEA BOOKS, Dover Street Market London and www.system-magazine.com from July 11th 2015. @systemmagazine @kimkardashian @thomaslenthal @alexianied @elizabethvon @ranatoofanian @ideabooksltd @ultramat @privatekanye @quickfixretouch #kanyekimjuergen #systemmagazine #juergenteller #kanyewest #kimkardashian”

As for the nude bodysuit aspect of Kim’s photo shoot, Kardashian fans have become accustomed to seeing her flaunt her assets, as the Inquisitr reported.

Both Kim and Kendall Jenner recently bared their bosoms for Love magazine, for example.

Going nude or partly clad has become a hallmark of the Kardashian clan, and aspiring fashion model Kendall is learning the ropes from Kim. As images floated around the internet, fans and followers recalled Kim’s Paper magazine #BreakTheInternet shoot that also “leaked.”

And although Kim’s enjoying life as a fashion diva, she isn’t neglecting to give special attention to her sister Kourtney Kardashian, reported the Daily Mail.

With Kourtney struggling to raise her three children on her own after a much-publicized break-up from Scott Disick, Kim shared a photo of the two in the past. In addition, the sisters have been close following the long-discussed split from Scott after his problems with substance abuse became worse.

Kim also accompanied Kourtney and her daughter to Disneyland to celebrate 3-year-old Penelope’s birthday, as the Inquisitr reported.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]