Rudy Giuliani Endorses Mitt Romney

rudy giuliani

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

Giuliani acknowledged that Romney isn’t perceived as a likable candidate, but said that he would rather have an effective president than a likable one.

Giuliani said:

“If I’ve got a terrible cancer or something to be operated on… when I had to be operated on for prostate cancer, I didn’t go to the nicest doctor, I went to the best doctor… The guy could have a great personality… and put the knife in the wrong way.”

Giuliani also said that Romney is mire likable than people think. Giuliani said:

“He’s a nice guy and just as personable [as President Obama]. I know both of them. I know Mitt better, but I know the president. both are very nice men. President Obama is not nicer than Mitt Romney or vice-versa.”

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are still in the race to win the GOP nomination but most political pundits believe that the race is already over. Giuliani also said that Romney has won the nomination “fair and square.”

Giuliani said:

“He’s taken on everybody and won an incredible number of primaries, and he’s got the resume and the background for the job. This is going to be an election about the economy, and if I look at all the Republican field and Democratic field, who better than Mitt Romney to carry our banner and to point out this has been a failed economic program and that [with] sensible, conservative economic principles, this country will have a boom.”

John McCain, Gene Simmons, Marco Rubio, George W.H. Bush, Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor and many others have endorsed Mitt Romney. Joe Lieberman, on the other hand, said that he would not be endorsing any of the GOP candidates.

Do you think Mitt Romney is the best choice for the Republican Party?