#TheShoe Is The New #TheDress Debate: Which Nail Polish Matches This Shoe?

A new viral challenge called #TheShoe debate is taking social media by storm. In fact, it could become #TheDress debate all over again. On Wednesday, July 8, a Twitter user by the name of totallymendes shared a photo of a pinky-purple pump along with two colors of nail polish.

She captioned the shoe photo with the question, “Which color matches the shoes best?”

It caused a whole new debate on social media.

Some Twitter users weren’t happy about a new dress debate. One wrote, “Oh god. Not again,” while another said, “NOT THE DRESS PLS NOT THE DRESS.”

The hashtag #TheShoe has already been trending on social media. It already has family members and friends arguing over which bottle of nail polish best matches the shoe.


So what polish matches the shoe? According to a poll hosted by Buzzfeed, 65 percent said that the shade on the right matches, while 35 percent says that the left perfectly matches the shoe. Us Weekly also hosted a poll and found that 64 percent of readers believe that the right polish matches, while only 36 percent think that the left one matches the shoe.

Hollywood Life also hosted a poll with similar results. About 57 percent of readers said that the right polish matches, while 42 percent said that the left polish matches the shoe.

Adjusting the brightness of your screen will change the color of the nail polish and the shoe. For example, if your screen is darker, the polish on the left matches the shoe. If the screen is lighter, then the right nail polish is the one that matches.

It looks like “The Shoe” debate is like “The Dress” debate all over again. It’ll only be a matter of time if celebrities will also chime in. Although some people may miss the viral sensation that was “The Dress” debate for nostalgic reasons, some may not want to bother with another mindless social media debate.


Back in February, the social media went nuts over an internet debate called #TheDress after a Tumblr user shared a photo of a striped dress and asked if it was blue and black or white and gold. Some said that the dress was blue and black, while others claimed that it was white and gold. It caused the whole internet, including celebrities, to be divided over this debate. Even the hashtags #teamwhiteandgold and #teamblueandblack trended on Twitter.

The Dress” debate quickly went viral and gained national attention. As for “The Shoe” debate, it was just posted 24 hours ago, but it’s still gaining some media interest. Still, it hasn’t been trending on Twitter quite as long. The #TheDress trended for up to a week the minute it went viral.

Now it’s your turn to address “The Shoe” debate. Which nail polish do you think matches these shoes, the left or the right? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.


— a (@totallymendes) July 8, 2015

[Image: TotallyMendes via Twitter]