Zayn Malik Buys $3M Mansion with Fiance Despite Twitter Hate

Since his split with One Direction earlier this year, Zayn Malik rumors of also splitting with fiance Perrie Edwards have continued to surface. Yet, despite speculations and animosity on Twitter, the former boy bander recently bought a $3 million London-area mansion with Edwards.

MTV reports that Malik, who seemingly ignored the recent trending hashtag, #CANCELYOURENGAGEMENTZAYN, purchased an extravagant home with his long-time fiance, once again dispelling rumors that they broke up.


According to an undisclosed source, Malik usually stays mum on the rumors of him breaking it off with Edwards, which have increased significantly since he left One Direction. Malik, according to the source, hopes to make a statement to the public that not only is he still with Edwards, but that their new home is a big step forward in their relationship.

“They’ve had to shoot down rumours of a split after his exit from the band and this is both of them showing everyone just how serious they are. They’re engaged and need somewhere they can both call home – and this house is it.”

The six bedroom, five bathroom home overlooks a beautiful 25-acre garden and includes a three bedroom cottage for guests to enjoy. The home was reportedly once owned by a Premier League football player.

Malik and Edwards have been house hunting for several months now. In March, they were spotted looking at a $2 million home Welwyn, Hertfordshire, England. It seems as if they’ve finally found the perfect home, and according to the source, it will give Malik an atmosphere to relax in and spend time with friends.

“Zayn has a bit more time on his hands than he used to, so this is a good place to be for him to hang out with mates or just spend some time alone.”

In addition to break-up rumors, the couple just can’t seem to get away from accusations that Edwards was the cause of Malik leaving One Direction. Numerous bitter fans began calling her the new Yoko Ono, but Edwards was quick dismiss the allegations. Earlier this year, she reiterated that Zayn made his own decision to leave the band.


“People have said ‘did I do this, did I do that?’ No matter what decision he made, I was always going to support him, If he’d wanted to stay, I would have supported him just the same as I have done since he’s left… If he’s happy then I’m happy.”

Meanwhile, as Zayn Malik gets cozy in his new mega-home, his former bandmates in One Direction have ventured into a new project of their own. They are encouraging fans to post pics online of their ideal world to live in, as part of a new humanitarian project.

[Photos Courtesy of Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Twitter, & Instagram]