Jesus appears in cell phone picture

Continuing his world tour of interesting locations, Jesus has popped up in Pensacola, Florida in Linda Square’s cell phone.

According to local media, Square pulled out her cell phone at the at Englewood Coin Laundry to pass the time and began scrolling through the substantial library of family photos stored on the device. There she discovered that she had been touched by the lord.

“The message that I got was that He was telling me that He was with me,” Square said. “I feel proud and blessed that I have this picture.”

Just to be sure that it wasn’t a hoax, Square checked to see if the image had come pre-loaded with the phone, or had been sent to her. Apparently it was a truly divine miracle.

“I feel that His message to me is that He is coming back, and He wants me to be ready when He comes. And He’s letting me know that He’s with me and that He’s beside me and He wants me to follow Him. And I’m going to follow Him.”