Chuck not yet renewed, may be canceled

TV series Chuck may be coming to an end, with speculation that the show may be canceled by NBC.

The season finale goes to air next week, but the story line of the last episodes has seen a lot of the story lines tied up, suggesting that we could be seeing the final episodes.

NBC hasn’t helped, giving no comment so far about the show, and likewise failing to renew it. Josh Schwartz, the show’s executive producer only had this to say:

Sitting here today, I do not know. Which is a tricky place to be, emotionally. The last two episodes are certainly the best that we’ve done, and I feel like the whole season has been building. To feel this coalescing of the inter-Web forces, in support of the show, has been really remarkable.

There is an unconfirmed report that a renewal may be in the works, but it’s still really a big unknown.