Anthony Ingruber: The Only Choice To Play Han Solo

Anthony Ingruber is a name you won’t be hearing much on sites like Access Hollywood, which recently took a rather embarrassing stab at trying to cast Han Solo for the much loved character’s spinoff movie.

(Seriously, it was as if they had a list of popular young actors and were just throwing names out there with little rhyme or reason. Zac Efron? Really!?)

But if you’re a Star Wars fan, Anthony Ingruber is quite familiar to you. You’ve probably followed him since his first Harrison Ford impersonation hit the web, and marveled at how similar he looks and sounds to the real deal.

And this isn’t just fanboy logic talking. Hollywood is starting to take notice as well. Take The Age of Adaline, in which Ingruber nails the role of Young William Jones (played in older form by “Indiana Jones” himself).

According to Ingruber, the director of Adaline, Lee Toland Krieger, had watched his Ford impersonations on YouTube and thought he would be perfect for the role.

He reached out via email asking Ingruber to try out and things fell into place from there.

For anyone who thinks that Anthony Ingruber is too inexperienced to take on this role, need I remind you that Ford wasn’t exactly Robert De Niro when he stepped into Han Solo’s vest in the original 1977 film.

At 35-years-old — around 10-years older than Ingruber currently is — his experience acting had been confined mostly to television. There were a few big screen credits — American Graffiti and The Conversation being the standouts — but he was hardly the star of the show in either of those films.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was a huge leap forward for Ford’s career.

Considering that the Han Solo spinoff is expected to take place several years before the events of the original film, the younger version of the character needs to look and sound a lot like Ford so the series’ continuity doesn’t feel too far out of whack.

Considering Anthony Ingruber is coming into his own now; that he already has massive support among hardcore fans; and that he’s already believably played the role of a young Harrison Ford once, he should be on the short list of guys suited to the role.

At the very least, he should be given a tryout. Just watch the guy in action and see for yourself.

But what do you think, readers? Is there a Han Solo out there more suited to the part than Anthony Ingruber? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Anthony Ingruber via YouTube screen grab]