WWE News: Tyson Kidd's Injury Worse Than Originally Reported, Nearly Died In His Match With Samoa Joe

Joe Burgett

WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd was injured in a freak accident during his match with Samoa Joe at a WWE Superstars dark match a while back. At first, most thought Kidd was simply selling the muscle buster that Joe does quite well. It appeared to be just that, as Joe landed the move like usual but something was very wrong with Tyson Kidd afterward. He landed wrong possibly, and it led to a very very serious issue that WWE and even Kidd himself tried to blow over originally.

It turns out, Tyson Kidd had an injury in his last WWE match that literally could have killed him. Normally there are big risks whenever you step foot in a ring. However, normally people aren't seriously hurt in life threatening ways unless they fall from the sky, have a pre-existing issue causing a problem during a match, or simply land on their head. The head part fit with Kidd, but no one knew how big the issue was.

Kidd tweeted out a photo of the incident, stating on Twitter....

— TJ Wilson (@KiddWWE) July 7, 2015

The Wrestling Observer confirmed Kidd's story involving the neck injury he sustained. According to those close to the situation, Kidd's doctors told him he was very lucky to be alive. It is said that Tyson Kidd will miss around 14 months of action, so he will certainly not be seen in a match until potentially the end of 2016 or the start of 2017. With neck injuries, there is a chance he could heal up quick enough to be back at a quicker rate. However, due to Kidd's specific neck injury, he will likely go the full recovery period.

He has four screws in his neck on top of sixteen staples and a rod. This alone is enough, but the fact that he now knows he cheated death may put Tyson Kidd into a position where he may not want to return to WWE. Of course, WWE Total Divas will most likely include Kidd due to the good TV a neck recovery could be. The beauty of non-wrestling shows means Tyson Kidd may not wrestle, but he can still be involved in WWE programming. So one should not get too used to the idea that he won't be on your TV screens.

[Image credit: workofwrestling.com]