July 9, 2015
Is Baby Doe Actually Baby Kate? Authorities Examine Possibilities

The search for the missing baby dubbed in the media as "Baby Kate" may be near its end. That's because many people think that the generated image of a girl that was found deceased in Boston looks an awful lot like an older version of the Michigan infant. WZZM News 13 reports that investigators in Michigan are now looking at the possibility that "Baby Doe" may actually be the infant that's been missing for over four years.

This update comes on the heels of reports that reveal millions of people on social media shared the computer-generated image of the little girl who was found dead in Boston last month. The image, which clearly shows that the unidentified deceased child had pierced ears, does share a striking resemblance to the baby that's been missing for more than four years.

Fox News 17 reports that authorities in Michigan hope to be in contact with Massachusetts detectives to go over possible connections in the two cases. It seems that law enforcement officials see a legitimate resemblance between the long-missing baby and the deceased mystery child that was found last month.

Baby Kate, also known as Katherine Phillips, disappeared on June 29, 2011, from Ludington, Michigan. Her disappearance sparked immediate national attention, and remains a cold case of great interest on social media, and especially in the community of Ludington. Her father, Sean Phillips, has been convicted and jailed on falsely imprisoning his daughter, but she's never been found. Over the course of the past few days, however, her case has attracted a new wave of attention from thousands of people. That's because of how similar she looks to a dead four-year-old girl that remains unidentified.

Even though detectives have confirmed that there are no "obvious similarities" between the two cases, it should be noted that Sean Phillips has long claimed that he gave his daughter over to someone else in an illegal adoption. On the other hand, he also clearly indicated that the little baby was dead in a letter he reportedly penned while behind bars. He claimed that he accidentally killed his daughter while mad at the baby's mother.

Do you think Baby Doe shares a resemblance to Baby Kate? If there does turn out to be any evidence of this theory, it will be a shocking development in two high-profile cases. Whatever the answers are in this case, Baby Doe remains unidentified and in need of justice.

[Photo: Michigan State Police (Baby Kate)/National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Baby Doe)]