Missing Sisters Found Alive: Wyoming Search Finds Missing Sisters Safely, Reuniting With Family Soon [Breaking News]

The search for three sisters missing in the Wyoming wilderness has culminated in finding the sisters safely, today. At 10 a.m., a helicopter aiding in the search spotted the missing sisters 25 miles southeast of Jackson, Wyoming. Lori Iverson, the spokeswoman for the multi-agency search, stated that the three sisters were cold and hungry, but healthy.

"The helicopter is flying them to the Swift Creek Trailhead, where the girls' father is, and he'll be driving them out."
The three sisters, Megan Margaret Andrews-Sharer (from Milwaukee), Erin Andrews-Sharer, and Kelsi Andrews-Sharer (both from Columbus, Ohio), did not return from their Wyoming adventure. The initial search for the missing women began on Tuesday. As of Thursday, 60 people had taken up the search effort for the missing sisters. The area that was being searched consisted of 150 square miles. The three sisters left for Wyoming on June 28.

On Wednesday, the vehicle that the sisters were driving was located at Bridger-Teton National Forest, 30 miles south of Jackson, Wyoming. Jim Whalen, Teton County Sheriff, stated the missing sisters had experience in hiking and exploring the backcountry. Sheriff Whalen also claimed that the women were sufficiently prepared for their excursion, along with having the proper equipment.

"They are healthy, fit young women and were well prepared for this trip. However, despite their experience in the backcountry, they may have simply made a wrong turn."
It was speculated that the women had a food supply that would last them five days. The last time anything was discovered involving the missing Midwest women was a cell phone ping on June 30.

Witnesses have come forward with sightings of the missing sisters. The sisters' father is in Jackson, where he is waiting to be reunited with his daughters, their mother is on her way there.

The search was being led by a multiagency task force. Spokeswoman Lori Iverson commented earlier today before the women were found.

"They were well-prepared for the trip. They had the appropriate clothing, they had the appropriate gear. It's very easy, even for experienced people, to get off course and make a wrong turn. So we simply suspect that the girls made a wrong turn and are looking for an egress out, maybe ending up in a location other than where their vehicle was."
The three sisters shared the same place of worship when they were children, the United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Rev. Susan Patterson-Sumwalt commented to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the Wyoming mystery.
"It's very hard. So many people in the church and this community have known this family for many years."
[Image via United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin]