Marco Rubio: Jeb Bush Would Be A Fantastic Vice-President

Marco Rubio managed to pull off a master deflection. When asked if he was still not interested in being Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick, he not only was able to turn down the the job but he had a suggestion for Romney. Pick former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Senator Rubio, also from Florida, said the he felt if Romney offered it to Bush, Bush should accept it.

Rubio told CNN,

“I hope he’ll say yes if future President Romney asks him. I think he’d be a fantastic vice president. But let me just say this about the vice presidential process. Up to now it’s all been theoretical; we have a nominee now, and our nominee, Mitt Romney, the leader of the Republican Party, has a vice presidential process in place. And I think from this point moving forward, I think it’d be wise for all Republicans to kind of respect that process, myself included, and say moving forward, we’re going to let his process play itself out.”

Bush is very popular in the Republican Party. Many had hoped he would run for the Presidency. He also said that if Romney offers the job to Runio, Rubio should accept.

“Well I can’t speak for Gov. Romney, and I can’t speak for Sen. Rubio, but if I was on both sides of that conversation I would ask — and I would hope that Marco would accept. There’s a lot of things in between that may not make that happen. But I am a great admirer of Mitt Romney’s and I’m a huge fan of Marco Rubio’s, and I think the combination would be extraordinary.””

Both Bush and Rubio have insiste3d they are not interested in the Vice-Presidency.