Miss Nevada, ‘Peace Shaman,’ Meth Trafficker? Beauty Queen Arrested, Facing Four Felonies

A string of minor infractions has now escalated into four serious felony charges for a former Miss Nevada, who has been arrested for trafficking meth.

The fall from grace for beauty queen and model Katherine Nicole Rees began shortly after she was crowned. She lost her title in 2007, when photos snapped at a Tampa party emerged on the Internet, the New York Daily News reported.

In these photos, Rees was seen baring a breast, pulling down her pants to show her thong, and kissing other women, the Daily Mail described. Now, things have gotten incrementally worse for the beauty queen.


Miss Nevada is staring down four felonies, arrested for trafficking in a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act, the Las Vegas Review-Journal added.

Katherine allegedly sold someone named “J. Peacock” meth in September, then was found with 5.3 grams of the stuff on her person a month later. Though details about these alleged crimes are limited, police have also accused her of having “co-conspirators.”

A $50,000 warrant for her arrest was issued recently, and the charges filed against her this week. That’s where the details end.

But there is much more in Miss Nevada’s past.

Beginning just after she was stripped of her title, Rees was charged with resisting arrest in 2008. A year after that, she was questioned by customs at a Sydney airport — and the exchange ended up on Australian TV — after her Louis Vuitton handbag tested positive for cocaine and meth.

Charges were never filed. But in 2012, Katherine was arrested in again. She pleaded guilty to a charge of drug possession, but a drug paraphernalia and marijuana charge were dismissed. Miss Nevada was told to keep her nose clean. Evidently, she didn’t.

The young woman is still apparently working as an actress and model, and is signed with two Las Vegas agencies, who weren’t aware she’d been arrested. The Journal also dug up this odd tidbit from her Facebook profile (now deleted) which identifies her as a “peace shaman,” “Warrior of Light,” and “Indigo child/ starseed, healer, keeper and teacher of ancient wisdom, helping to raise the frequency (vibration) of humanity to the new 5D Earth through enlightenment, peace and love.”

[Photo Courtesy of Twitter]