Maine Governor Paul Le Page Just Made A Major Concealed Carry Law Move, Find Out What

Maine has just made a major concealed carry and 2nd amendment decision, in a day and age when gun control and tighter restrictions on guns seems more and more likely. According to Reuters, Maine Governor Paul Le Page has just relaxed restrictions on concealed carry permits. Well, that is, if relaxed means completely removed concealed carry permits all together.

To the surprise of some, Maine’s Governor Le Page has brought the northeastern state in line with a decision made by eight other states. Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and Kansas have voted in favor of concealed carry. Arkansas, home state of the Clintons, and Montana have slightly more limited version of the concealed carry law.

The Maine Governor’s new concealed carry law is expected to take effect 90 days after mid-July, which is when their state legislature goes on a break.

Though it seems unusual, and even radical to some, some states have never needed Maine’s concealed carry law. Vermont appears to be the only state that has never required a person to have one, but the usual rules of who’s allowed to have a firearm still exist.

According to Breitbart News, the new concealed carry law, or LD 652, had the support of Maine police, but appears to leave concealed carry permits in place for “reciprocal” purposes with other states. Reciprocal laws in the plainest sense pertain to said states requiring non-residents to still obtain a Maine concealed carry permit. States such as Maryland, Delaware, New York, and others have similar laws.

Maine state senator Eric Brakey was a strong advocate behind the push to pass the concealed carry law, as he reminded his fellow senators that open carry laws already allowed permitless carry. Also, he appealed to emotion when regaling the struggles of the average Joe citizen’s plight when attempting to obtain a permit.

“When someone with a credible death threat against them has to wait for months before they can carry legally and defend themselves with their jacket on, that says it is not working.”

Another New England state was not so lucky when it made an attempt to pass similar legislation just a few days prior. The debate raged on for a week or so in New Hampshire, as concealed carry law made it to the N.H. Governor Maggie Hassan’s desk. Hassan seemingly bucked from the pressure of gun control-related groups who lobbied against the law.

With Maine’s decision on guns, many states adopting Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws, and Texas allowing concealed carry on college campuses, it seems there is an interesting change amongst the states. This being in spite of, or because of, President Obama’s stance on the issue.

As the Inquisitr has reported prior, Maine Governor Paul Le Page is not deterred by the opposite party when he supported a bi-partisan bill to ban junk food from food stamps and other extras through the program.

What are your thoughts? Did Governor Le Page or N.H. Governor Hassan make the right decision on concealed carry?

Do you support carry permits or should there be tighter restrictions?

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