Pregnant Woman Sees Ghost Of Dead Mother In Baby Scan

Rebecca Melia, 30, lost her mother in February to kidney cancer. She never got to tell her mother, Sharon, that she was pregnant. When Melia had a recent ultrasound of her baby, she was amazed at what she saw in the scan: the ghost of her dead mother.

Sharon had battled cancer for three years, but succumbed at the young age of 49. Her family claims that they feel her presence with them and watching over them. Melia is sure that the scan shows Sharon still watching over everyone, including her unborn baby, according to the Mirror.

Melia went for the scan on June 18 and became somewhat concerned when it took the nurses a long time to return with the results, and became worried that something was wrong with her unborn son. Eventually, a lady, who was aware of her mother’s death, gave her the picture of the scan and Melia stated the following, according to the Echo.

“Not even thinking what was to come, the lady gave me the picture and she said ‘I think you might like this one’ with a smile on her face. And the nurse did know my mum had passed away….I have a little area in my room with pictures of my mum on and before I went for my scan I was talking to her saying I wish she was coming with me….This is her fourteenth grandchild and she has been there for every one. Then when I came back home with the scan I was showing it to her and talking to my mum when I saw her face in the photo.”

She also pasted the photo on Facebook. Melia was comforted by what she perceives to be a picture of her mother in her baby’s ultrasound. She believes that telling her story can also be comforting to others, and she stated the following, according to the Echo.

“I couldn’t believe it; I was shocked, happy and overwhelmed all at the same time. My mum’s face, which I longed to see, was there as clear as day on my scan. And I wanted to share this story to bring comfort to others who have lost their loved ones and show this is proof that loved ones who have died may not be seen, but they are still here.”

Not all apparitions or ghostly images someone sees are benevolent. Another woman believes that instead of being watched and cared for by her dead brother, he is haunting her. She has even posted video supporting her feeling. Donna Ayres is a 33-year-old mother of four from Burnley, Lancashire, who believes that she is being terrorized by her brother who died in 2009, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had any encounters with an apparition. Please leave your comments below.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook]