Lil Wayne’s Fest: Will His NOLA Skatepark Be A Focus?

As it appears, Lil Wayne’s soul has been officially possessed by a skateboard. However, will he ever finish a skatepark he started in New Orleans in 2012 — and will he be using his newly announced NOLA festival to do it?

Outsiders to Lil Wayne’s inner world may not know he is a skateboarding enthusiast. How big is Lil Wayne’s skateboarding obsession?

In a July 7 interview, Lil Wayne reveals that he is more in tune with skateboarding than anyone previously thought. In fact, he is so into skateboarding that Lil Wayne has claimed that it helped him write songs for #FWA aka the Free Weezy Album.

On July 8, NOLA posted an exclusive interview with Lil Wayne on SoundCloud, via Q93.3FM, where he claims that he wrote #FWA “with my phone in one hand and my skateboard in the other.”