Chandler Parsons Would Like To Add General Manager To His Pregame Introduction

Chandler Parsons is dead serious when it comes to his focus on being a recruiter during the offseason. While Parsons is a talented small forward on the court for the Dallas Mavericks, he's also one of the best recruiters in the NBA off the court.

If you didn't agree before, the work that Parsons put in to help lure DeAndre Jordan away from the Los Angeles Clippers (barring a push from Los Angeles) tells the whole story. After Parsons helped get Jordan to agree to a deal with Dallas, he made sure to pay him a massive compliment as well, according to ESPN.

"It all came down to him being the best center in the NBA, an All-Star-caliber and MVP-caliber player in this league," Parsons told

The high praise isn't a surprise, as Parsons is ecstatic about the idea of playing with a young rising star like Jordan, but Parsons is getting love from all over for his recruiting abilities. With Parsons' offseason focus predominantly being on recruitment and going into general manager mode, he's passed the word on to Mark Cuban that he'd like his pregame introduction changed a bit, according to FanSided.

The 2015 offseason alone is making Parsons a fan favorite, at least in Dallas. If Parsons can continue this strong recruiting that we've seen from him, don't be surprised if Cuban honors his wish for at least a game or two next season.

Let's not forget, this isn't the first time that Chandler Parsons has grabbed the wheel and taken over a recruiting trip. He's one of the biggest reasons why Dwight Howard chose to head to the Houston Rockets back when Parsons was in town.

Parsons did poke a little fun at his teammate Dirk Nowitzki when talking about the recruitment of Howard.

Parsons respects what Nowitzki does on the basketball court, but he's not even close to the same caliber of recruiter that Parsons is. That's alright though, because the starting small forward/general manager for the Dallas Mavericks has things under control. Best of all, Parsons may be well on his way to becoming Mark Cuban's right hand man.

Jordan can't officially sign his deal with the Mavericks until Thursday, which has led to the Los Angeles Clippers making a late push to get him back, Yahoo! Sports reported. The good news is, the Mavs have Parsons on their side, as well as Cuban, who are both set to do everything in their power to make sure this deal doesn't fall apart.

[Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]