Rocketboom gets a new Australian host

Video blog Rocketboom has a new host after Joanne Colan left the show after three years.

Caitlin Hill, best known for her successful YouTube channel, becomes the third host of the show. First impressions are positive: she seems like a lot of fun, and comes over as being natural in the role.

Caitlin hails originally from Beenleigh, Queensland, but there’s something about that accent that isn’t quite right. At times Caitlin sounds American, and at other times English. It turns out that she spent a significant amount of time living in the UK before moving to New York, and you can hear it. I saw one comment somewhere saying that Andrew Baron loves his accents, but with Hill he gets all three. She sounds like Portia De Rossi or Nicole Kidman: Australian but American as well, at least to someone who is from Australia.

Here’s her first show: