Hema Malini Blames Father Of Deceased 2-Year-Old For Accident

Hema Malini was on her way to Jaipur from Agra last Thursday when there was a terrible crash between her luxury vehicle and a small hatchback.

Malini, 66, is an MP in the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shankar Lal Sharma, a Rajasthan state assemblyman, said, "One girl child has died in the accident. Hema has injuries above her eyes, on her back and legs. I drove her to the hospital in my car. She was in pain."

Hema Malini is a popular Bollywood actress and has starred in such productions as Hey Ram (2000), Sholay (1975) and Baghban (2003). Reports of her accident were found in almost every India-based news source.

Malini thanked her fans for sticking by her, tweeting, "Thank u for this love for which I am eternally grateful! U have given me so much strength"

Hema had something a little different to say to the media, condemning them for reporting on the crash.

"As for the sensation-hungry media & a few members of the public who had a field day maligning me even when I was helpless &in deep trauma who actually & unbelievably stooped to the lowest levels of human decency, I can only say 'Shame on u' & 'God Bless'!" Malini tweeted.

Nothing Hema Malini wrote compares to the blame she leveled on the father of 2-year-old Sonama, who died in the crash.

"My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. Contd," she tweeted. "(Contd) How I wish the girl's father had followed the traffic rules – thn this accident could have been averted & the lil one's life safe!"

Hanuman Mahajan was furious with Hema Malini's accusation.

"I feel very sad that Hema, an MP, has such a small 'soch' (thinking) that she tweeted that I was not following traffic rules... I like to know from her one traffic rule that I violated... whether I was driving at very high speed, or whether I was on the wrong side, or I did not give an indicator... or I did not put seat belt. My mistake was that I was driving at a very slow speed and her car was at high speed."

Mahajan also insisted that Sonama might still be alive if she had been taken to the hospital at the same time as Hema Malini, who only had minor injuries.

[ Images courtesy of Hindustan Times and Kristian Dowling/Getty Images ]