Skyscraper Shaped Like Beyoncé Heading To Melbourne: Singer-Inspired Tower Taking Shape In Australia

There is about to be a skyscraper shaped like Beyoncé in Melbourne, Australia, according to new reports. While Beyoncé has inspired many fans around the world in various ways over the years, having a skyscraper design inspired by her has to be a new one. What's the scoop on this one?

Us Weekly shares the details on the Premier Tower that is a skyscraper shaped like Beyoncé. The project is set to be put in the Melbourne area and will have both residential and retail space. The inspiration for the building, notes architecture firm Elenberg Fraser, is Beyoncé from her music video for "Ghost."

The video, which came out last year and is based on the singer's 2013 song "Haunted," shows Beyoncé and various dancers wrapped in fabric showcasing their curves. The new Premier Tower will also feature some curves along its 68-story design. According to Dezeen Magazine, the skyscraper like Beyoncé will have a 160-room hotel and 660 apartments, in addition to the retail shopping space.

At this point, the Beyoncé-inspired skyscraper has been approved by planning officials, and there is a spot picked out in Melbourne's central business district on the west end. The New York Daily News shares that the building will be located in front of the Southern Cross station, making it a prominent feature as visitors arrive in the city. The space for the new project is currently occupied by the Savoy Tavern, and that will be demolished to provide space for the new tower.

The firm shares that they did in-depth research as they came up with the form, and it will be responsive to the climate around it. While the firm does reveal that the design is indeed inspired by the singer, they also relied on significant computer modeling and engineering know-how to create the building.

The new building will stand out a bit in the midst of the existing buildings in the area, but reports indicate that work is underway to create a new vision for the area as a whole. The Fragrance Group, backed by Singapore property investor Koh Wee Meng, is backing the Premier Tower project.

Using a celebrity figure to inspire a building is not necessarily a new concept, as many have also buzzed about the "Marilyn Monroe towers" that went up in Mississauga, Canada, in 2012. Beyoncé reportedly was recently eyed for a superhero movie role, and now with a skyscraper on the way as well, fans can't wait to see what will come next. At this point, no completion date for the Australian skyscraper shaped like Beyoncé has been revealed, and the project is still in the planning stages, but everybody is curious to learn more as the project progresses.

[Image via Curbed]