What Was Harry Styles Doing In A Toilet With A Man Twice His Age?

One Direction star Harry Styles has been videoed in a Los Angeles bathroom with a man twice his age. Harry and his One Direction band mates, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, are back in the U.S., where their "On The Road Again" tour kicks off again with a show in San Diego tomorrow evening. The video showing Harry looking awkward and confused in a bathroom with the man has been shared on Instagram.

It turns out that Harry's fans have no need to worry, though. The man in question turns out to be Stephen Belafonte, an L.A. based film producer who is married to former spice girl Mel B. Both Harry and Belafonte appear to be more than a little tipsy in the short video clip, and Harry looks rather bemused by the whole thing.

New Magazine reports that 40-year-old Stephen recorded the video clip during a night out with 21-year-old Harry and, in the clip, he declares that he and Harry are "back in action." Stephen then uploaded the clip to his Instagram account with the caption "@officialmelb me and @harrystyles are back in action #lookout."

According to OK! Magazine, Stephen seemed to catch Harry off guard in the bathroom but Harry put on a brave face as he and Stephen looked into the camera for a video selfie. Stephen can be heard saying "we're back in action baby, we're back in action." Harry smiles into the camera and says "we're in a toilet." After a short pause, Harry says "this is strange" before giving a thumbs up sign.

Quite what Stephen meant by that comment is anyone's guess, but it could possibly be an oblique reference to the hashtag that went viral over the weekend. Harry was pictured leaving L.A. airport wearing very tight white skinny jeans. An internet joker noted that Harry appeared to be missing his trademark trouser bulge. As a result, the hashtag #Harrysfriendismissing began to trend on Twitter.

There has been no previous indication that Harry and Stephen knew each other, much less that they were friends. As a result, the fact that Styles is spending time with a film producer is sure to give rise to further rumors that Harry is looking towards a Hollywood film career in the future. There has been constant speculation over Harry's future plans, and One Direction's future after Zayn Malik walked out on the band back in March of this year.

[Photo by Ryan Pierse / Getty Images]