John Cena On His Sex Scene With Amy Schumer: 'I Wore A Sock'

WWE Superstar John Cena recently sat down with Access Hollywood for a lighthearted, yet awkward, chat about his work with Amy Schumer in the film, Trainwreck. In a much-discussed part of the film, Cena gets between the sheets with the popular comedienne for a sex scene. WrestleZone and other news outlets shared excerpts from Cena's interview, in which he reminisced about working in the buff.

"There was talk about it being a closed set, but within 20 minutes there's two camera ops, two focus-pullers, three lighting guys, two sounds guys, props. Catering was in there at one point. It became the most un-intimate environment possible – and that helped! There's nothing intimate or sexy about it – it's true comedy."
Cena also joked about the minimal wardrobe coverage that was necessitated by the proverbial ins and outs of the aforementioned bout of feigned lovemaking.
"It was all day. My mom is probably so proud – I wore a sock to work all day! Special."
Employing some well-timed humor, John Cena played coy when questioned about whether or not a prosthesis was used as a substitute for his private parts in a subsequent scene of the film.

For her part, Amy Schumer expressed appreciation for Cena's presence in Trainwreck. In comments published by E! Online, Schumer said that the cast and crew were amazed by Cena's physique, but she also found his sense of humor to be endearing.

"He's truly the funniest person," Schumer said of Cena. "The challenge of that scene was just not laughing."

Although Schumer is publicly brimming with confidence these days, she might be breathing a sigh of release in private now that John Cena's longtime girlfriend, Nikki Bella, knows that there was some strategic coverage between Schumer and Cena for their simulated sex romp. After all, Nikki is a notoriously tough WWE Diva who isn't above a wild and wooly dust-up, whether it's in the ring or on the set of Total Divas. Bella, along with legions of eager filmgoers, will get the chance to give Trainwreck a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" when the film hits theaters on July 17.

[Photo by Valerie Macon / Getty Images]