#NYSE Trends As New York Stock Exchange Comes To Halt Over Glitches [Video]

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange floors came to a standstill on Wednesday morning. The announcement was made at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time. According to Reuters, the NYSE stated that it would be halting all security trading and that open orders had been canceled.

Although exact details remain unknown, it’s reported that “technical difficulties” are to blame. #NYSE is a top trend on Twitter, and the NYSE used the social media site to post a statement about the situation.

The last tweet went out in the early afternoon and seemed to confirm that this is a very specific issue, limited to the NYSE floor. NASDAQ did not report any errors. It’s believed that NYSE-listed securities are continuing to trade without incident on other exchanges.

The problem was first noticed at around 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Certain symbols were apparently affected by an unknown series of errors. At around 10:37 a.m., it was noted that the problem was resolved. Despite this, apparently, trading has not resumed as of yet.

There is some concern about the nature of the bug, as some onlookers worried if the technical problems were due to a cyber attack. NYSE officials immediately dismissed such claims. Despite dismissals, not everyone is convinced. CNBC notes that the day before this error occurs, the notorious hacker group Anonymous posted a cryptic message related to Wall Street.

It was also noted that United Airlines also suffered major technological issues on Wednesday morning that forced the grounding of all their aircrafts. Despite the timing of these events, there is no evidence that these glitches are in any way related.

The technical glitch only added to the jitters felt on Wall Street. The U.S. market continues its slide downward, losses strongly influenced by worries over Greece’s ongoing economic crisis. Traders also have an eye on China, whose own markets have been rather shaky recently.

Predictably, social media users have put a humorous spin on the otherwise serious situation. Doesn’t sound like Wall Street is getting much sympathy over their economic woes.

The NYSE remains down as of the completion of this article. Updates will come as the situation changes. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on #NYSE and the halt of trading below.

Why do you think some people in the #NYSE hashtag doubt it’s a simple glitch?

UPDATE 3:02 p.m NYSE expected to resume trading momentarily.

[Image Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images]