Proof Of End Times? 'Sinister' Cube-Shaped UFO Appears Over Texas While Star Of Bethlehem Shines In Israel

Tara West

Are the "End Times" near? Many are speculating that a rash of strange happenings in the recent months are proof that the apocalypse is coming and that people should be preparing for the end.

One such happening is the appearance of a "sinister and mind-blowing" cube-shaped UFO that appeared in the skies over Texas on June 29, 2015. The strange object appeared suddenly from something that appeared to be "a wormhole or portal" according to two witnesses which photographed the strange scene. Interestingly, as the cube-shaped object appeared around 1:00 p.m. in the Texas skies, the Star of Bethlehem shown over Israel for the first time since the birth of Jesus in biblical teaching. Could there be a connection between the cube-shaped UFO and the coming of the End Times or is there another explanation?

SecureTeam10 uploaded the video which has received attention from local news outlets in Texas. In the video, a couple of photos of the strange cube-shaped UFO were posted along with descriptions provided by the witnesses. Some conspiracy theorists are saying the UFO is the "sign of the devil" or a possible secret government program. However, others say it is most likely a simple web hoax.

Gregg Prescott, editor of the In5D spiritual website, warned the cube was linked to the devil. If so, there could be a connection with the Star of Bethlehem which many are pointing to as a sign of the coming apocalypse as based on a scripture from Numbers 24: 15-19 which indicates a "star shall rise" before the Apocalypse begins.

"A star shall rise out of Jacob and a sceptre shall spring up from Israel: and shall strike the chiefs of Moab, and shall waste all the children of Seth. And he shall possess Idumea: the inheritance of Seir shall come to their enemies, but Israel shall do manfully. Out of Jacob shall he come that shall rule, and shall destroy the remains of the city."

After watching the video, what do you think? Is the object a cause for concern or an elaborate hoax?