Holly Madison Warns Hugh Hefner's Wife, Crystal Harris, That She's In Over Her Head

There's been a lot of buzz lately concerning the relationships involving Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Hugh's current wife, Crystal Harris Hefner. After years of living what seemed to be a glamorous life, Madison has been speaking out about how things were more challenging than they looked. She's received some pushback on her comments, but she's not letting that hold her back. Now, Holly is sharing some warnings directed toward Crystal. What does she have to say?

Life & Style chatted with Holly Madison about life at the Playboy Mansion, and her book titled Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. Madison says that while she thought that living the luxurious life as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend at the Playboy Mansion would be fun and light, it didn't exactly play out that way.

Madison warns Crystal that "You are definitely getting in over your head," adding that a life with Hugh is "way more intense than you could imagine."

Shortly after Madison, Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt departed the mansion, Hefner connected with Harris. Hugh and Crystal got engaged in December, 2010, but Harris bolted in June, 2011, just days before their wedding was slated to take place. The two announced their reconciliation in June, 2012, and Hugh and Crystal got married on December 31, 2012.

As People has shared, Madison now refers to her time with Hefner at the Playboy Mansion as a nightmare. She says that he manipulated her, and she even contemplated suicide at one point. Though Madison is anxious to share what she considers to be the truth about her experiences with Hefner and life at the Playboy Mansion, not everybody is supportive.

Both Wilkinson and Hefner have shared that they feel as if Madison is rewriting history, and Wilkinson goes so far as to say she thinks Holly is just seeking revenge. Is Madison looking for revenge by bringing Harris into the discussion now? It seems that Holly would say that's not the case, as she maintains that living with Hugh became a situation where she lost all of her independence and she thinks it's a difficult situation for Crystal to put herself in.

How does Crystal Harris Hefner feel about Holly Madison's advice? It doesn't appear via Crystal's Twitter page that she's worried too much about Holly's warnings and assertions, and it would certainly appear that Crystal is pretty content with the life she's currently living. Madison's new book is available now, and her full interview with Life & Style is available in this week's new issue.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]