Chinese Firm Suspected Of Selling Missile Components To North Korea

Victor Johnson

A U.S. official said Saturday that the United States suspects a Chinese firm sold components for a missile transporter to North Korea. The missile transporter was recently showcased in a military parade. The official said that the United States will press China to further enforce a United Nations ban on military sales of this nature.

Obama's administration suspects the Chinese manufacturer sold a component known as the chassis, not the entire vehicle, and may have been under the impression that the component was to be utilized by North Korea in a civilian capacity and were this the case, the company would not have been intentionally violating U.N. sanctions imposed on N. Korea.

Pyongyang displayed the transporter launcher system, basically a large truck with a missile mounted on top, in a parade in the North Korean capital city.

With tensions already strained after a failed North Korean missile launch earlier in the month, the White House intends on conveying their concerns to the Chinese government in an attempt to tighten enforcement of international sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom.

The New York Times was the first to report on United States findings regarding the origin of some of the transporter launcher system parts. According to the Times, the Obama administration suspects Hubei Sanjiang was the Chinese manufacturer involved in the illicit transaction of components used in military hardware.

United Nations Security Council resolutions from 2006 and 2009 require states including China to refrain from assisting with North Korea's ballistic missile program, supplying heavy-weapons, and aiding in the Hermit Country's nuclear activities.