WWE News: WWE Drops A WWE Hall Of Fame Wrestler's Legends Contract?

In the last year, podcasts have exploded on the media scene. Especially in the wrestling industry, many WWE legends have podcasts. Chis Jericho hosts Talk is Jericho, and Jim Ross hosts the Ross Report. Both are entertaining shows that provide intuitive guests with a lot to offer. WWE also gets great publicity by both.

Another podcast is the Stone Cold Podcast, which was seen on the WWE Network for a few specials. Normally, it's on PodcastOne. At the same time, so did "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, a WWE legend. Within the last 72 hours, Piper is no longer with PodcastOne, as he was fired by the podcast conglomerate.

There's no confirmation from PodcastOne whether the story is true from Piper or not, but the WWE did respond within the last 24 hours. According to Daily Wrestling News, the WWE dropped Roddy Piper's WWE Legends contract.

Rumors continue to swirl about why Piper was fired. In the latest report by the Inquisitr, Piper had Will Sasso, a comedian, on his show. Sasso, a big WWE fan, did an impersonation of Stone Cold Steve Austin on the show. According to Piper, Austin didn't like the impersonation and called the management at Podcast One and "demanded" they take off Piper's Pit off their website.

Roddy Piper had the following to say.

"Some people should have a f****ng sense of humor. We get it, you can crack open a can of beer and come out in a f***in' truck … If you can't laugh at yourself after doing that for 25 years, and starting off as 'Stunning' Steve Austin in WCW, come on now."
Judging by the remarks made by Piper, he's not happy with Stone Cold. Austin has other projects to work on that don't involve Piper and PodcastOne. The WWE Universe would be surprised if Austin went to the lengths to get Piper's podcast removed from that website.

Right now, Austin is getting ready for the huge media push that will be WWE 2K16. He was announced as the cover athlete for WWE 2K16 yesterday, and the WWE Universe is buzzing about his involvement in the WWE past the video game cover.

Austin already said on the record that he won't be returning to a WWE ring, and that includes WrestleMania 32 against Brock Lesnar. Jim Ross, legendary WWE announcer, also said that Austin won't wrestle again, as the two legends are very close in their personal lives. While Stone Cold will try to separate himself from the Roddy Piper situation, his involvement in WWE 2K16 will continue to open up multiple questions about his future.

[Image via 411mania.com]