Mia Isabella: Tyga's Alleged Mistress Speaks Out About Affair [Videos]

Tyga's alleged mistress, Mia Isabella, is speaking up about their alleged affair. It appears that she's not backing down anytime soon. Tyga is reportedly cheating on Kylie Jenner with Mia Isabella, a transgender actress, model, and escort.

Recent reports surfaced on Tuesday, June 7, that Tyga was having a 3-year-long affair with Mia Isabella. According to a report on Love B. Scott, Tyga also cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. The celebrity gossip site received an anonymous email, which claims that since Isabella moved to Los Angeles, she's been involved in a sexual relationship with Tyga. There were also NSFW text messages and photos attached to the email.

Mia has addressed the cheating allegations between her and Tyga to VH1.

"This person is not the man I love but I have loved a few incredible and celebrated men in my life."
According to a recent report on the Hollywood Gossip, Tyga and his management team are in "damage control mode" ever since the cheating allegations came out. They claim that the controversy is a plan to "maliciously shame" the rapper. Tyga's attorney, Lee Hutton, says that someone used the "Rack City" rapper's nude photos to spread rumors about him.

According to Perez Hilton, Tyga's lawyer is also preparing proper cease & desist actions, but Mia Isabella is releasing videos, doing interviews, and creating new Instagram accounts to further drag the rapper's name in the dirt.

Isabella has separate Instagram pages, where she posted photos of her and Tyga having sex. Isabella also threatened Tyga that she would have their alleged sex tape posted by 12 a.m. if he didn't pay her. Her Instagram page was instantly removed, since it contained graphic and sexual photos that violated the company's policy. Isabella claimed that the photos were of her and Tyga having sex.

Mia is not sitting quietly, though. There's another Instagram page with the following tagline: "Thought deleting was gonna stop me? Video when I reach 2k [followers]."

A video featuring a sit down interview with Mia Isabella also surfaced on the internet. Isabella claims that both Tyga and Charlie are the most "influential" men in her career. She also talks about her relationship with both Sheen and Tyga, and how she entered the entertainment industry. It's unclear whether or not this video is recent, and if Isabella is using Tyga's name to get more media attention. In order to watch the video at the above-mentioned source, you have to have an account with Vimeo.

Now, fans are waiting to see if she will release a sex tape featuring her and Tyga. Love B. Scott released the email, which hinted about such a video.

"Allegedly, there was a possible sex tape when she was roommates with a model named Capri [who was once] linked with Charlie Sheen …"
Meanwhile, there are reports claiming that Tyga's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, doesn't trust him and has been spying on him. An insider told Radar Online the following.
"Kylie's been in denial about Tyga's extracurricular activities and everyone's really struggled to convince her he's not the perfect guy she thinks he is … She now wants to find out the truth for herself and has taken up Kris's offer to have him followed. She wants to know where he goes, who he's with and for how long when he's not with her. It's tearing her up inside and she's terrified about what she's going to find out."
What are your thoughts on Tyga's alleged cheating scandal with Mia Isabella? Do you think Kylie's gut instincts are right? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Mia Isabella / Instagram]