Special Delivery At Taco Bell, And It’s Not A Chalupa Or Burrito — It’s A Baby Boy [Video]

Labor strikes at inconvenient times, meaning the delivery of a newborn child can happen in some pretty usual spots. Like a California Taco Bell.

The moment struck Gladys Perez Tuesday morning about 2 a.m., ABC 23 reported. The long-awaited delivery of a baby boy was imminent, so she and her husband, Irving, hopped in the car and headed to the hospital.

Little did they know how soon their son wanted to arrive.

Irving pulled off the highway and right into a Taco Bell parking lot. And right there, in the passenger seat, their son hastily came into the world.

This sudden delivery was helped along by the boy’s grandmother, BakersfieldNow reported. Kern County Fire Department EMTs and firefighters arrived on scene to help, as well, said firefighter Patrick Snowling.

“The occasional thing happens where they are driving to the hospital and the baby gets delivered in the car, but Taco Bell parking lot is kind of a unique situation. It was an interesting call.”

The new family offered few details about the unusual birth and the health of mother and newborn. However, EMTs took care of Gladys, and Snowling had the child.

“I just made sure that it was stimulated and breathing OK. It was perfusing good, and, you know, it was a nice, healthy baby,” he said.

The proud papa was reportedly very surprised, but obviously very happy.

[Photo Courtesy Vince Bucci / Getty Images]