Did Anna Duggar Have Her Baby? Anna's Due Date Nears As Jessa Gives Update On Anna's Pregnancy

The Duggar family is quickly growing, as three of the oldest Duggar children have married and are creating families of their own. Jill Dillard surprised fans when she announced she was expecting just weeks after marrying husband Derick Dillard. The couple welcomed baby Israel Dillard on April 6, and have already departed the country with their infant in tow for long-term missionary work abroad. Though the Duggars will be countries apart from their newest bundle of joy, the expanding Duggar family will soon have two more Duggar grandchildren to welcome into the world. Anna Duggar, wife of the family's oldest son, Josh Duggar, is due on July 10. Meanwhile, the newlywed Duggar daughter, Jessa Seewald, is also expecting her first child, which is due November 1, 2015. With Anna Duggar's due date right around the corner and her social media accounts remaining silent, many are wondering, "did Anna Duggar have her baby yet?" Fortunately, Jessa Seewald is shedding some light on the situation through some of her social media posts.

The International Business Times reported that Anna Duggar may be nearing labor as Jessa Seewald indicates an early arrival is likely. Anna Duggar is currently pregnant with her fourth child, with a due date of July 10. With her due date just two days away, Jessa notes that it is likely that the newest Duggar grandchild will be here soon. Jessa points out via her official Facebook page that Anna has given birth to all three of her previous children before her due date. Therefore, she indicates that the newest baby will likely make an entrance before July 10.

Jessa reaffirms that Anna Duggar's due date is July 10, while pointing out that all three of Josh and Anna's previous children were born prior to the due date.

"Her due date is July 10th, so getting close!! She has gone a little early with all 3 so far, so we'll see if baby #4 will do the same!"
Jessa Duggar
Jessa Duggar answers a fans question about Anna Duggar's pregnancy.

Though Jessa speculated that the baby would come soon, Anna Duggar is remaining silent. Following the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, both Josh and Anna have been rather quiet on social media. With a move back to Arkansas so late in her pregnancy, Anna seemingly has more important things to deal with, like updating her new midwife or OB on her pregnancy, than updating her social media accounts.

What do you think? Do you think Anna Duggar may have already had her new baby and just isn't ready to share the news with the world yet?

[Image Credit: Facebook]