Clark Kent? Guy With ‘Superhuman Strength’ Pins Two Police Officers To The Ground By Their Necks Before Fleeing [Video]

An unidentified man was recorded in London showing extraordinary strength as he pinned two police officers to the ground by their necks as they tried to restrain and arrest him.

The incident took place in Archway, North London, early Sunday morning, where the man was stopped in the street by a male and female officer. It is not immediately clear what was transpiring between the man and the officers, but he seemed to have attempted to escape when the police officers began grappling with him.

Not backing down to the officers' authority, the man was heard repeatedly shouting "get off me" as he eventually wrestled them under him and held them both to the ground by their necks before fleeing the scene.

The entire incident was filmed by Robert Walakira -- who wisely chose to stay out of the situation, which he described as "very scary."

"The police officers were trying to force the man to the ground," said Walakira. "But he was too strong for both of them. I was worried, especially for the female officer, but I was too scared to intervene.

"One of the officers managed to spray CS gas but it didn't make any difference," he added. "It was awful -- I've never seen anything like it."

[Image via Mirror]