Tabatha Lee Grooms: Sexually Frustrated Georgia Woman Busted On Assault Rap, Lover, Mom Attacked

Tabatha Lee Grooms, at age 35, lives with her mom and her live-in lover in Augusta, Georgia. But in the early morning hours of June 25, she was arrested apparently because her sexual frustration just built up to the point where she couldn't take it anymore. According to a report by Richmond County sheriff's deputies, she went out and got rip-roaring drunk, then came home and ripped into her sexually disinterested boyfriend — and her own mother.

When deputies showed up at the home on Haynie Drive in Augusta, they found boyfriend Carlos Grace with bleeding scratches all over his head face and neck. He showed the deputies his left forearm as well, and there was a visible bite mark there.

So why had Tabatha Grooms gone crazy, according to the arrest report? The reason, according to her live-in lover, was simple. The lover wasn't giving her what he was there for.

Grace told Deputies Philip Clark and Brent Turner that Grooms had become outraged because earlier on June 24, she approached him with her desire to have sex but for some reason, he just didn't want to hop into bed with her.

So, her response was to leave the house and drink heavily.

Later in the evening, she came home highly inebriated and in a violent mood. According to her own claims, however, she found a solution to her sexual frustration, screaming at Grace that during her evening out, she had ""f***** everyone else because he would not f*** her," the deputies reported.

And then she savagely assaulted her boyfriend, according to the report, scratching and biting the man in retaliation for his low libido.

Grooms wasn't done there. She also let loose on her mother, screaming at her, too, for reasons that remain unclear. And then she hauled off and cracked her mom, Betty Clark, in the left eye with a nasty punch. Clark's eye was red and swelling when the deputies got there, the report — published by the Smoking Gun site — says.

Grooms was not very receptive to the deputies, either. She wouldn't tell them why she was so upset, or answer any questions at all. The she threatened to run the two law enforcement officers down with a baby stroller.

The report does not specify if there was a baby in the stroller, or even in there was a baby in the house at the time.

The Tabatha Lee Grooms case is the second domestic assault case reported this year involving a sexually frustrated woman turned violent. In February, a woman in South Carolina was arrested after pulling a gun and allegedly threatening to shoot her boyfriend when he waved off her sexual overtures.

[Image: Richmond County Sheriff's Department]