‘Inside Out’ Meets ‘Inception’: Watch The Fabulous New Trailer ‘Incept Out’

Inside Out, when it meets Inception, turns out to be quite a watch.

How many of us would have secretly drawn connections between Pixar’s latest blockbuster Inside Out and Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending spectacle Inception? Quite a few of us, so it seems, but our fantabulous ruminations would have ended there. Not so for filmmaker Nelson Carvajal, who went one step ahead and uploaded a mash-up trailer of Inside Out and Inception on Vimeo, and it is drawing the attention of many a fan towards it.

As IMDB said of the filmmaker, Nelson Carvajal “embraces digital, experimental filmmaking,” so this Inside Out / Inception mashup was right up his alley.


Ever since Inside Out hit the screens in June, the unregulated, intriguing world of the internet has braced itself for an inevitable mash-up video of Pete Docter’s animated film with Inception, owing largely to the fact that both films deal with the mysterious realm of the human mind. But that it would happen so soon, and to such a high standard, has surprised Inside Out fans in great measure, and in a pleasant manner too, because the resulting trailer is a supremely homogeneous and well-crafted piece of work.


What is even more enjoyable is the manner in which internet has taken to Carvajal’s video, whose previous works have included production roles in The Biggest Loser, Colombiana, and two Transformers sequels.

The A.V. Club wrote about the mash-up video.

“What is surprising is how restrained and relatively low-key it is. [Nelson] has crafted a clever mock trailer entitled Incept Out by taking candy-colored footage from Inside Out and setting it to the dark, ominous strains of Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist,” a piece which was memorably used in (though not composed for) the third Inception trailer back in 2010.”

Time also had favorable things to say about Incept Out.

“The trailer works better than you’d think.. The movies [Inside Out and Inception] don’t really have much in common besides drawing inspiration from the human brain, but the footage and music mix so well you might start looking for connections.”

Carvajal has also made other mash-up videos prior to Incept Out, including Apehood, an amalgamation of Boyhood and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as regularly contributing video essays to Indiewire and Fandor.


Meanwhile, Vimeo views of the Inside Out mashup have steadily been increasing.

With solid exposure and a consistent fan base, Nelson Carvajal can now look beyond Inside Out and Inception. Perhaps Frozen feat. Mad Max will be next.

[Image: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images]