Did Kanye West's New Album 'Swish' Leak?

Did a Reddit user tape Kanye West's full album? Better yet, did that said Reddit user leak a full draft of said album just for the fun of it? The answer might be yes to both of those questions.

Some Redditors from the sub reddit forum Hip Hop Heads are complaining that the audio is fake, and others are saying it's in poor quality and it's not worth a listen, but either way the audio has been removed now. Probably to avoid any legal action from West's team if this is indeed the real deal.

So how did this Redditor get a hold of the audio? Well, according to the user they said they recorded Kanye's album, titled "Swish," outside of a listening party for the album. This isn't the only time where someone has decided to leak a track from West's upcoming album. A track called "Midas Touch" was leaked back in April.

It's not surprising that these tracks are leaking as West has been teasing that he has an album in the works. That said, fans think that whenever a new track leaks Kanye pushes the album back even further. The only legitimate track we've heard so far from the upcoming album is West's "All Day" which the rapper performed at the Brit Awards.

Additionally a track list has leaked for the alleged "Swish" album. Here's a track list posted by a user that uses the disclaimer, "Don't ask me any questions. I heard the album, but I know about as much as you in terms of release date, what single is coming out next, etc."

The track list includes many collaborations including contributions made by Paul McCartney, a song with Bruno Mars, and Big Sean.

Here's the track list:"All Day" Featuring Allan Kingdom and Theophillus London"Piss On Your Grave" Featuring Paul McCartney"A Long Time""Want It All""Feel Like That""Can You Be Real" Featuring Big Sean"Touch""Owe Us""Interrupt The Party""Always" Featuring Bruno Mars"Remember How""Only One" Featuring Paul McCartney"Say Anything"

"Swish" is a follow up to the 2013 album "Yeezus," which wasn't received as greatly as his previous albums. As for the new album's supposed title, the last time we heard about this album, it was called "So Help Me God," but then West announced that it was definitely called "Swish."

This track list might be legitimate because we already know that West's song "Only One" exists.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]