Rosie Perez Leaving 'View' Gig: Show Makes It Official, Details Rosie's Last Show Date

After rumors that started shortly after officially beginning the gig, news is out that Rosie Perez is leaving The View. Though this departure had been buzzed about and denied earlier on in the current season, this time it's been confirmed. What's the scoop?

As E! Online shares, rumors first swirled about Rosie Perez leaving the show back in January. Perez was away from the show at the time, as she was rehearsing for the Broadway show Fish in the Dark. The buzz had been that she wouldn't be returning to the show after her Broadway run. However, the show quickly spoke up and insisted that Rosie was still one of the co-hosts and, indeed, she did return.

Not long ago, talk ramped up again that there would be changes to the co-host slate before next season. Now, Deadline has shared that the news regarding Rosie Perez leaving The View is official. Executive producer Bill Wolff himself reportedly shared the news with show staff Tuesday afternoon, and now the news has spread. The last show for Perez will be the season finale, which airs on August 6, and she first joined the show as an official co-host with the season premiere last September.

This has been a rather tumultuous season for The View. Rosie O'Donnell came back after several years away, but buzz immediately started swirling that the fit with the current slate of hosts was not a good one. Shortly after the rumors swirled about Perez leaving, O'Donnell left instead.

There have also been a lot of rumors making the rounds that Nicole Wallace would be departing soon, as well. This has also been Nicole's first season as an official full-time co-host. Reports indicate that negotiations for another season with Wallace have just started. Former Cosby Show star Raven-Symone was added to the co-host panel last month, and there's little doubt that Whoopi Goldberg will be staying put at this point.

The official statement says that Perez is leaving the show to pursue acting again on a full-time basis. Fans may not necessarily believe that the decision was fully Rosie's, as her departure mirrors the typical exit for many of her predecessors. No matter how the decision came to be for Perez to leave, the show says it'll be giving her a proper farewell in the weeks to come.

Assuming the show continues, who will be brought on for the co-host gig now that Rosie Perez is leaving? Show The View keep Nicole Wallace, or will there be another spot to fill soon for her place, as well?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]