Kids Who Brought PlayStation Network and Xbox Live To Their Knees Avoids Jail Time

A member of the Lizard Squad who brought down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live during Christmas time last year was recently convicted guilty of the PlayStation and Xbox fiasco, but Finnish media reports that he is escaping jail time.

Polygon reports that Lizard Squad member Julius Kivimaki, 17, known online as “Zeekill,” was charged with 50,700 charges of cybercrime, the bulk pertaining to Lizard Squad’s involvement in last year’s PlayStation Network and Xbox Live system failure. However, despite the huge number of charges against Zeekill and his Lizard Squad pertaining to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live issues, reports are pouring in that Zeekill won’t be sent to jail since he is a minor. Instead, he is charged with a two-year suspended sentence. This means that instead of spending time in jail, he will just be monitored by the local police while being forced to do community service.

Other members of the Lizard Squad still remain a mystery but a member, Ryan, went forward and talked to Sky News in December. When asked why the Lizard Squad decided to attack the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live last year, Ryan says that the group wanted to raise awareness among PlayStation and Xbox players.

“One of the big aspects here was raising awareness regarding the low state of security that these companies, these companies make tens of millions every month just from their subscriber views and that doesn’t even include purchases made by their customers. They should have more than enough funding to protect against these hacks.”

During the system failure of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in December, more than 150 million PlayStation and Xbox players were said to be affected. Ryan admits that he did not feel remorse for the millions of players who were forced to log out of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live during those days.

“I [can’t] really say I feel bad. I might have forced a couple of kids to spend their time with their families than play with games.”

Even though the Lizard Squad claims that they attacked Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox for a greater cause, a lot of people are still angry that they are escaping proper persecution.

Lizard Squad answers to the hate they are receiving from gamers and netizens on Twitter.

For the people mad about him not getting prison time, you realize that Finland has some of the most luxurious prisons in the world right?

— Lizard Squad (@LizardLands) July 7, 2015

The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live fiasco in December forced PlayStation to compensate its subscribers with subscription extensions and purchase discounts to compensate for the lost PlayStation time.