University Of Maryland Baltimore Shooting: 3 Killed, 1 Stable Near UMB Campus - School Posts Twitter, Website Updates

The University of Maryland is trending on Twitter on Wednesday, July 8. That's because there was a shooting near the UMB campus in Baltimore that left three people dead and one wounded near the University of Maryland campus.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, the killings near the UMB campus took place Tuesday night. The quadruple shooting occurred in West Baltimore, and it was UMB campus police who first reported the shooting. That's because the fatal shooting took place only blocks east of where the University of Maryland Baltimore campus sits.

Immediately prior to 11 p.m., two men and two women were shot by a couple of gunmen who'd come out of a van of a light color. This tragedy happened in the 900 block of W. Fayette Street. Of those two women and two men who were shot, three have been confirmed as deceased. One of the deceased was immediately pronounced dead via an initial alert, while initial reports stated that the three who weren't yet pronounced dead had been taken to hospitals in the area for care. However, later reports confirmed the deaths of three of the shooting victims.

The University of Baltimore Twitter page @UMBnews confirmed the killings.
"UMB Police say 4 people were shot, 1 killed at W. Fayette & Poppleton Streets at 10:55pm."
Leading readers to the University of Maryland alerts webpage, the school confirmed what was initially reported to the press -- without yet updating the fact that three people were killed and that the fourth person is in stable condition -- having been shot in the back, according to police.
UMB Police report that four people were shot in the 900 block of W. Fayette Street just before 11:00pm Tuesday night. According to police, two light colored vans pulled to the side of the road near Fayette and Poppleton Streets at 10:55pm. One suspect emerged from each van and began firing into a group gathered at the corner. Four victims were shot. One of the victims was killed. Three others have been taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Police advise you to use caution in the area. Remain aware of your surroundings at all times. To request a walking escort or to report any suspicious activity, call UMB Police at (410) 706-6882.

The Baltimore Sun mentions that, on July 2, the University of Maryland Baltimore campus police reported shots fired into a car around the 900 block of W. Fayette Street, injuring a passenger in the vehicle. As reported by the Inquisitr, another recent violent incident making the news including the graphic video of a man in Cincinnati's Fountain Square bleeding after being apparently beaten.

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