Sex Tapes: Zimbabwe Lodges Have Hidden Cameras To Record Guests Making Love

Hidden cameras

According to a former employee of a lodge in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, several lodges in the area have installed hidden cameras to film guests making love in the guest rooms. They then sell the pornographic footage to the highest bidder.

The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, used to work for a lodge in the central business district of Bulawayo, and said the practice is predominantly done in lodges in Harare. However, with profit to be made from the hidden cameras and obtained sex tapes, this is now slowly finding its way into many lodges and low class hotels in Bulawayo.

Times Live reports that the source said that the lodges are working with Nigerians, who offer a large amount of money for the video footage, sometimes as much as $1,000 for a week’s worth of video, a high amount indeed for Zimbabweans.

“The idea is being engineered by Nigerian business people who install the equipment in the rooms and capture unsuspecting clients in the act.”

However, while the practice is ongoing, he said that many lodge owners themselves are not aware of the hidden cameras, and that the Nigerians are working directly with staff members or unscrupulous managers at the lodges.

The lodges and lower class hotels offer reasonable rates, with rest rooms available for $5 an hour in the daytime and $15 per night. The source claims that the Nigerians are working with sex workers in order to get them to engage in what he called “classic moves” for the best footage on the hidden cameras.

He warned that people should avoid lodges that use light curtains or with lights permanently on, as this is done to improve the lighting for video purposes.

“Most cases the rooms involved always have the light on and the switch deliberately made out of order.”

He went on to warn clients that use the lodges to always check for hidden cameras in the room and wherever possible switch off the lights. According to the source if clients move around in the room with their cellphone camera on, they should be able to spot a red light if there is a camera hidden in the room.

He further warned men who use sex workers to beware if the women insist on certain positioning and moves within the room, as they may be deliberating lining up for the best picture for the hidden cameras.

A reporter for My Zimbabwe interviewed several sex workers in the city and they confirmed they knew of the existence of the hidden cameras and admitted they are being paid for the recordings at a rate of around $10 for each successful session.

The story brings to mind an article published a while back on the Inquisitr, which told of a photographer who paid around 64 women to have sex with him in his studio and captured the act on video. Dubbed the Ghana Sex Tapes, the man was caught when he sent his camera in for repair, with the footage still saved on its memory card.

[Image: Not so hidden cameras CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Josh Koonce]